Why Unfrosted Wedding Cakes in Houston, TX is a Trend?

Delicious Unfrosted Wedding Cakes

If you want to say goodbye to the tradition whipped cream or butter cream frosting, getting the new trend of naked wedding cakes in Houston, TX is the best—and by far—alternative. This type of wedding cake has been in the limelight again after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shared their cake to the public after their much talked about marriage. If you want to follow their footsteps then why not pick a naked or unfrosted cake too.

Wedding CakeThis type of cakes is perfect if you are having a rustic yet classy wedding. But before you can get your naked cake, make sure that you follow some of the tips below:

(1) You need pick the natural elements

This type of cakes is unlike your traditional ones because it focuses more on the organic and natural ingredients. In here, you can see toppings of edible flowers, fruits and even greens. The best way to top your naked cake is making use of the abundant fruit or flower in your area. In this way, the cake will really look like a rustic aesthetic at the same time very romantic.

(2) Should not be stacked for a long time

If you are planning to have this type of cake, make sure that it shouldn’t be made too far ahead of time. Always remember that this cake is made of organic products that may not be last for a long time unless being frozen. Naked cakes are really prone to drying faster because they don’t have frostings on the outside. According t cake experts, your naked cake is best served it was made 24 hours before the wedding reception.

Are you one of the brides who wanted to be unchained from the traditional way of serving desserts? If yes then you can always go for the natural charm of naked wedding cakes in Houston, TX. Successful wedding can only be achieve if you have proper wedding planning.

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