Weighing in the Health Benefits of Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

Health Advantage of Bridal King Cakes

king cakeCakes should always be considered in wedding planning. New Orleans is really famous for its king cakes as part of the Mardi Gras celebration. It is also called as the carnival holiday which is celebrated before the season of Lent and Ash Wednesday arrives annually. King cakes may come in different flavors, but if you are going to weigh in, the bottom-line is this kind of gourmet dessert is really delicious and loaded with healthy benefits.

Here are some of the nutritional facts of your wedding king cakes in Houston, TX that you need to know:


Usually, king cakes are composed of yeast, flour, sugar, eggs, salt and shortening/butter. To add flavor on them, the baker needs to incorporate spices—cinnamon, and sweets—cream and butter. You can also opt for cream cheese depending on your preference. This type of cake is considered to have the lowest amount of fats and calories.

Nutritional facts

If you are a calorie sensitive person, there is nothing much to worry about as most servings of king cakes only contain the average of 200 to 300 calories. If the king cake is more on cinnamon flavor, it could be beneficial for losing weight, not gaining.

Health experts would highly recommend king cakes to be served as desserts on your wedding because of its prime strength which is low cholesterol level. The only bad point for the king cake serving is its high sugar content. You might want to instruct the baker to keep it low on sugar to avoid gaining weight.

The way your wedding king cakes in Houston will taste greatly depends on their ingredients, so it is of great importance that you choose the preferred flavors. You can also check the popular choices when it comes to best king cake Houston. Or, you can make your own flavor and discuss it with your baker.

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