Traditional Cajun Food in Houston, TX That You Can Serve for Your Wedding Catering

Traditional Cajun Food Dishes for Your Wedding Catering

There are many kinds of menu and cuisines that you can serve for your wedding catering. As a matter of fact, more and more couples are choosing a fusion of different delicacies from all across the globe so they can provide their guests with a meal that they will definitely enjoy. One of the in demand cuisine nowadays is the Cajun. This cuisine is a legacy of the French Acadians. For this cuisine, local bayou ingredients like rice crawfish and sugarcane is used in order to supplement a low cost meal that is rich in protein.

wedding cateringBB’s cajun food is perfect for any kind of wedding. The cuisine is also called the rustic cuisine because it is only make use of what were plentifully readily available ingredients at any given time. The preparation of the traditional Cajun food is easy. Usually, it is a three pot affair wherein each pot is dedicated to a certain dish. One pot would be the main meal which is dedicated for the most part of the protein rich food, the next pot is used to prepare the grain dish and the last pot is for the vegetable.¬†

Cajun recipes were being passed down from one generation to the next just by word of mouth. Nowadays, more and more caterers are offering Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX. The recipes that are used of the dishes evolved over time and in every generation, an extra ingredient is added. Moreover, the cooking method is changed for various dishes. Because of this, it is difficult to come across a single recipe that can be called as the traditional Cajun food recipe. This is not considered as a bad thing since it gives the chefs the flexibility to add something extra to the dish and tweak the menu as well in order to obtain a unique recipe, visit cajun seafood restaurants in Houston.

Among the in demand traditional dishes that are used for Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX includes boudin, jambalaya and gumbo. Boudin is a sausage shaped delicacy that is stuffed with pork, rice, green onions, garlic and other spices as well. Gumbos are Cajun stews that include okra as the main ingredient. The vegetable provides a unique taste to the stew and it also serves as the thickening agent. Boudin and Gumbo are usually served with rice dressing, maque choux and bread. The jambalaya dish includes rice and anything else that the chef wants to include.

The key here is to include this task during wedding planning. You can ask your caterer to provide you with the list of Cajun dishes that they can prepare and serve to your guests. Make sure that you taste the foods that they serve to make sure that they taste delicious.

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