Top Causes Why Many Marriages Lead to Divorce

Why Many Married Couples Get Divorced?

Marriage is good but only for those who are ready to face any issues packaged with it after the wedding plans. If not, then marriage could lead to separations and divorce. Here are the top reasons why many actually get divorced after being happily married through the years.

Miscommunication for a start – Not all issues can be resolved without being able to communicate enough and the right way. That is why lack of communication that can lead to misunderstanding is one of the main causes why many married people end up in the divorce court. Between marriage, mutual understanding and being able to have a say is very crucial.

All About WeddingOne or both partners are not ready for marriage yet – There are many factors for this. One is because the two got married hastily. It could be via shotgun marriage or just a simple being carried away by the power of love that both the man and woman did not consider the consequences of being in this lifetime commitment.

There is no individual identity – Although marriage means that the husband and wife are now one in heart, body, and mind, lack of individual identity is not healthy. One still should be able to be independent and do things for his or her own. There is nothing wrong with having own bank account aside from the one they share with, going out with friends or having an alone time for sometime, and other ways to give each other spaces and be able to retrieve who they really are as individuals and not as codependents.

Getting other people involved – This is also one of the main reasons why issues start with married couples. A marriage is a relationship between the husband and wife. It would be a different story if the in-laws start to meddle between them or have one of the partners get her family and friends involved. The worst scenario is having an extramarital affair.

Both do not share the same goals – Although the husband and wife really get along very well, they could have different goals, priorities, and interests. The best thing to do for this is to be giving with each other. Take time to explore each other’s interests together. As for the goals, this can be easily be talked about and planned.

No more intimacy between  them – Sex is great but intimacy does not mean that it is all about that. A bit of intimacy and physical contact can give each other the assurance that they are still attracted to each other even if they don’t have time for sexual actions. A goodbye kiss, a simple hug, and holding hands will do.

Money could also be the problem – It is not actually about the lack of money but on where to spend it. If one of the partners think that the money should be spent onto something but the other partner disagrees, this is where their compatibility falls.