Tipping Advice When Tying the Knot Near Fort Irwin’s Hotel Wedding Venues in Barstow, CA

How Much Tip You Should  Give a Wedding Venue

Generally, wedding planning is the most efficient way to make the event successful. When you’ve decided to tie the knot in one of the wedding venues in hotels in Barstow, CA near Fort Irwin, one of the things that is expected of you is to give expressions of appreciation to the hotel for the good service that they provide you.

Wedding PLaceHere are a few guidelines that you can follow when figuring out how much tip you’ll give to the wedding venue provider.

First of all, check your contracts. There are venues that include additional payment as tip in the package. There are also that do not. Thus, in order to avoid unnecessary double-tipping, read the contract very well.

Second, there’s no need to tip the owners. If you are dealing with the owners of the hotel themselves, you don’t need to tip them. This also goes for other wedding vendors that own and manage their firms and services.

Third, don’t forget to reward staff who do extraordinary efforts. Aside from the customary tips, give someone who has gone a long for you a generous amount of tip. It could be the room service man who gave you extra towels, linens, or pillows just to ensure that you are comfortable and happy while staying at the hotel.

Fourth, don’t forget to check the ceremony policies. Although this applies more to houses of worship, there are also wedding venues in hotels in Barstow, CA near Fort Irwin that would gladly accept donations. Depending on your generosity, you can give this money to the maintenance of the place or to those who maintain the area.

Fifth, put ask someone to take charge of the tipping. This is to make sure that you every one of those who provided their service to you receives their share. It could be your maid of honor or your best man or a close friend.

Finally, decide how much you want to give. Unless it’s written in your contract, tipping basically depends on your generosity. You don’t have to a huge amount of money though. Just figure out how much you can give and be realistic about it. The safest rate would be at least 10% of your overall payment to the venue.

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