Summer Wedding Flavors and Fillings for Pies that Everyone Loves in Houston, TX

Summer Wedding Pies

Summer is one of the best seasons to tie the knot. The sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly. It is the best time to have an outdoor wedding, depending on the time of the day. In every summer wedding, you will be served something refreshing, especially if the reception is under the scorching heat of the sun. Typically, you will have fresh juices and other citrusy drinks and appetizers.

wedding pieFurthermore, you can also have citrusy desserts with summer wedding pies in Houston, TX. You’ll find peak-of-season berries and citrus fruits on top of your drink, salads, but you’ll definitely love it on your pie.

You should speak to the local bakers and they’ll offer a list of sweet summer pie recipes you can choose from. There are stone-fruit pies, berry pies, and airy chiffon pies, but there are certainly more to the usual recipes you find in their store, visit this site.

The lattice-top blueberry pie is a classic, but serving your guests with big and sweet summer blueberries will make your wedding day an unforgettable one. Another classic that you should consider serving in the pie buffet table is the key lime pie. Everyone loves a flaky pie crust, so make sure you tell the baker to have a perfectly flaky pastry crust. Don’t forget the whipped cream topping over the sweet-tart custard filling.

You can ask your trusted baker to come up with a different pie flavor aside from the classics. Try combining blueberries and peaches. Forget about the calories you get from a slice of this blueberry peach pie because it comes with tons of antioxidants. There is something magical with the tart flavor of blueberries and sweetness of peaches that will leave the guests asking for another slice.

While most wedding pies in Houston, TX that you’ll find are the classics. Why not suggest to your chosen baker a recipe like the combination of fruits and nuts. Mangoes have this sweet and tangy taste which is perfect to pair with the macadamia or cashew nuts and some ground ginger. Wedding planning is the key to success, it is crucial that even desserts will be included in planning.

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