Smart Ideas for Brides Who Want to Recycle their Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Recycling

After the wedding, what’s your plan with your gown? You have probably saved your salary for several months just to buy that designer wedding dress. No woman would probably wear the same wedding dress on their first and second wedding with different men. Thus, wedding dresses, even the most expensive one, will only be worn once.

Wedding DressWedding dresses are either stored back to its box and kept in the attic or preserved in a special storage. There are a variety of ways that brides can reuse their wedding gowns, instead of storing it just one corner of the room.

Very few brides have thought of making ornaments or favors out of their wedding dresses. Actually, from the lace of the wedding gowns, you can make undergarments, doilies and other decorative pieces for the home. Get creative by making lampshade covers and table mats from the cloth of your dress. Isn’t it nice you will be reminded of your wedding day whenever you catch a sight of it?

In a few months or years of your marriage, you will have to welcome a new member in your family. There are only a few things that could give joy to the little ones, like stuffed toys. If you are into crafts or willing to learn about making stuffed animals, you will surely enjoy making stuffed bunnies or bear patterned and cut out from your gown.

When a friend or your sister’s wedding is scheduled next month or next year, you might want to offer them ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’. Make it extra special by giving them something made from your wedding dress. A handkerchief is one thing you can do from your dress, especially if it’s made of soft and smooth fabric.

While other brides choose to store their dresses in the closet or donate them for charity, you can do more with your dress.

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