Services Offered of a Store for Wedding Jewelries in Houston, TX

Different Services for Jewelries

If you are looking for a jewelry shop that will cater all your needs from the selection and maintenance of your precious stones we have the answer for you. There are services offered at a store for wedding jewelries in Houston, TX. We assist our clients with all their needs when it comes to jewelleries for the wedding. Here are some of the services that we offer:

wedding jewelryCustomized Design. There are men who wanted to customize their wedding ring.  They are buying loose stones and choose the style, shape and color of the ring.  We specialize in customizing jewelleries especially engagement and wedding rings.  We have craftsmen who will materialize the design that you desire for your set of jewelry. Also, we offer onsite repair and we care for the safety of your gems. They check the piece of jewelry and give you the quotation for repairs or custom jewelry Houston too.

Cleaning. We understand that you treasure each piece of your jewelry. Our store provides cleaning and maintenance. We offer free cleaning so that your gems will be as good as new. It will restore its brilliance and sparkle after we clean it. As we clean it we also conduct inspection to make sure the prongs are still fit. We will advise if there are loose or breaks so that you can prevent it from bigger damage because repairs could be costly.

Engraving. Aside from cleaning and maintenance we also have engraving services. We carve names, dates, lines of poem or any words that you wanted to inscribe in your piece of jewelry.  We engrave wedding rings Houston, watches, bracelets and necklaces to customize your jewelries. This is good for those couple who are sentimental, friends who wanted to have a special band and great souvenir for reunions.

In buying a piece of jewelry in a store, do not just settle for the item. Explore and go beyond the information. Check on the services offered at a store for wedding jewelries in Houston, TX.

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