Pay Attention to These Rules When Shopping Discount Loose Diamonds for Wedding in Houston, TX

Rules to Follow When Buying Uncut Diamonds

When it comes to buying diamonds for wedding jewelries, the best idea to go is buying discount loose diamonds for wedding in Houston, Texas. The main reason is that you can better able to ascertain that quality of the pieces of these stones. Usually mountings in pre-set diamond jewelries can conceal some of the stone’s flaws and defects.

discount loose diamonds1Loose diamonds are expensive purchases so if you want to get your money’s worth, you better pay attention to these rules in picking the best pieces of stones at your money’s worth.

First, make sure to always ask for certificate. A diamond certificate is a piece of document that describes all the necessary information about the diamond and its quality characteristics. The most trusted certification body that issues diamond certificate is from the Gemological Institute of America or GIA.

Second, aside from the certification, look for laser inscription. This inscription is a unique ID consisting of letters and numbers that are engraved on inconspicuously on the stone. The purpose of this laser inscription is to ensure that your stone is different and unique from other similar-looking diamonds. Hence, when someone tries to switch or steal your diamond, you can always check the laser inscription to verify your stone.

Third, compare prices for similar diamonds. When looking for discount loose diamonds for wedding in Houston, Texas, visit several jewellery stores and compare the prices for the same design of diamonds. Even though a jeweller tells you that the piece of stone is on sale and you’ll be getting a discount, check first with other stores to make sure that the price is not the price everyone else is selling.

Fourth, inspect diamonds under magnification. Don’t buy any piece of diamond that you have never examined closely under a magnification tool. When shopping for loose diamonds, make sure to ask the jeweller to allow you to show the diamonds under a microscope or a loupe.

Follow these rules and you can be sure that you wear authentic diamonds on your big day.

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