How to Make Your Wedding Reception Standout?

Ideas to Make Your Wedding Amazing

weddingWeddings are always fun, but after a while, many receptions tend to blur together. And while it can be nice to incorporate a few traditional elements into your reception that you usually see while making the wedding rounds, you want your party to reflect your personality. After all, if you’re going to spend all that time and money putting together your celebration, you want to make sure the payoff is worth it — with a wedding bash no one will ever forget. The best part? Having a memorable wedding reception doesn’t have to be an epic production. It’s simply a matter of paying close attention to the details. So without further ado, here is a list of five super creative reception ideas to make your wedding reception stand out from the crowd.

Silhouette Drawings

Impress guests by hiring a silhouette artist to create keepsakes on the fly at your wedding. Everyone will oooh and ahh as they watch the silhouette artist wield an itty bitty, teeny tiny pair of scissors to craft a perfect paper silhouette of each of your guests. With silhouette drawings, you not only provide your guests with a unique entertainment activity, you also send them home with a valuable keepsake. And better yet, these one-of-a-kind favors are likely to end up framed and hung on guests’ walls at home rather than crumpled up and forgotten in travel bags and purses.

Wedding Painting

Another creative option is to hire an artist to paint your wedding day as it’s happening. Everyone loves peering over an artist’s shoulder who is painting in the park, and it’s no different at a wedding reception. Lucky guests may even find themselves immortalized forever in the painting of your wedding day. This will be a great idea that you can have in your big day. You just need to have the best painter in your town to do this or if you have a huge budget, you can pull off a very known professional one.

Temporary Tattoo

On the opposite end of the artistic spectrum is the good old, lowbrow temporary tattoo. We all loved them as kids, and let’s be honest, we all love them still… especially after a glass of champagne or two. Create a custom tattoo for your wedding, and send your guests home with a reminder of the wedding they won’t soon forget. This will be a fun idea to have especially if you’re having an informal wedding. Your guests can really have a good time comparing their temporary tattoos during the wedding day.

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