Hire Good Wedding Planners from Los Angeles, CA with These Interview Questions

Proper Questions to Ask a Proper Planner

Finding good wedding planners in Los Angeles, CA is tough to come by. Let’s consider that you are giving your wedding to a complete stranger, here are a few tips that can bag you that awesome planner who you can be confident with.

Wedding PlannerWhat kind arranging do you offer,  logistical only (i.e. authoritative taking care of things like the course of events and floor plans) or Design and Logistical (i.e. bringing a couple’s vision to life and additionally dealing with all the hierarchical parts of the wedding)?

In the event that you simply do logistical arranging, would you be able to point us to a seller who can help us with event design? (NOTE: Florists frequently do full event designs, as do merchants who work in design.)

Will you handle each part of the wedding planning or would we be able to do a few things ourselves? Meaning, what parts of the arranging will we be responsible for?

Will you be the same person on your wedding day managing the vendors or will it be a different person?

If an emergency happens and you can’t make it to our wedding are there any backup wedding planners from Los Angeles, CA who can be your plan B, or what would you do incase this happens?

What time will you arrive and leave on our wedding day?

Will you stay on location after our wedding to verify everything has been taken care of for each of our vendors?

Will you give us a timetable of the wedding and a floor plan of the wedding venue?

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