Buy and Prepare Seafood Like Your Favorite of Crawfish Wedding Catering in Houston, Texas

Tips in Shopping for Seafood

If you’ve decided to do your own seafood-themed wedding reception instead of hiring providers of crawfish in wedding catering in Houston, Texas, it’s very important that you know how to buy fresh seafoods for your menus.

If you’ve noticed, most seafood menus is consumed in restaurants like crawfish boil Houston. The reason for this is because many people are hesitant to buy and prepare seafood dishes at home. However, with the right knowledge about the different ways seafood can be bought and prepared, you can confidently go to a seafood market and get the best deals available. In order to do so, keep these factors in mind when looking for fish, crawfish, and other seafoods.

wedding cateringFresh fish

When buying fresh fish, make sure that they don’t give off a strong odor because if it does, it means that they have past their prime. The skin of the fish should feel moist and its natural color and markings are unfaded. If there are any exposed flesh, it should appear freshly but and not drying out. When you’re looking for fish with scales, choose ones that have scales that adhere closely to the skin and should not be ruffled-looking. In case you can’t use fresh fish within a couple of days of purchase, make sure to loosely wrap and pack them in finely crushed ice.

Frozen fish

When it comes to buying frozen fish, make sure that they are sold in a solid, frozen state. Don’t buy fish that has white and dehydrated areas because these are signs of freezer burn. Take a closer look of the package and examine it for any ice crystals. Ice crystals indicate that there’s a moisture loss from the flesh of the fish. An important note is that you should never refreeze any fish that was thawed at room temperature.

Oysters and lobsters

When you’re looking for oysters, lobsters or crawfish for your wedding catering in Houston, Texas, pick those that are sold shucked or in the shell. Oysters, specifically, should be alive when you buy them in the shell. You’ll know if they’re still alive when they close tightly when you handle them. Lobsters on the other hand must be active and don’t curl down their tails when you try to pick them up. When buying a frozen lobster, make sure that they’re completely frozen.

Mussels and clams

Don’t buy any mussels or clams that’s not alive when sold. To know if these mollusks are alive, pick them up and see if the shells are close. If they are, then are are alive. If the shell is gaping open, give it a quick tap. Live clams and mussels will instantly tighten their shells and they give up a sweet-smelling odor.

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