Buffet Wedding Catering and Why Many Guest Prefer Ii In Charlotte, NC

Why Everyone Loves a Buffet

wedding cateringOne of the most common wedding tips that many brides are looking is about catering service. Who doesn’t like a good buffet wedding catering style in Charlotte, NC? A buffet allows you to have loads of different kinds of food to choose from. This means that your guests who have dietary restrictions will be able to choose the meals they could eat, unlike a plated meal where you are only served a specific kind of meal. Here are a couple things you need to consider when you are putting a buffet table in your reception area.

One thing that a lot of people hate from a buffet is the long lines. Sure you get tons of food to choose from but the long lines are almost unbearable. There are a couple of techniques you can use to lessen these really long lines.  When you’re looking at buffet wedding catering companies in Charlotte, NC you can discuss to separate some of the meals in your buffet to different tables, for example, having your dessert table at a different table a bit far away from the entrée table. A problem with this technique though is that you would need to find a venue large enough to hold your guests, their tables and chairs and also all the extra buffet tables you are getting.

You may want to consider having florists arrange centrepieces for your buffet tables because without these centrepieces your table will look a little bit plain, and this leads to the next issue with buffet tables. As the night progresses buffet tables will get really messy, so you need to consider having servers refill the platters and clean the table from accidental spills every now and again.

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