How the Bride Should Dress During Her Salsa Dance Classes and Houston, TX Wedding First Dance Performance

Proper Attire for the Bride Who will do a Salsa Dance

dance2Are you planning to have a change of costume for your wedding dance surprise? Well, this is actually a very good and convenient idea especially if you chose to do Salsa dancing for your wedding first dance. When you do your dance rehearsals and official performance, your instructors will definitely advise you during your wedding Salsa dance classes in Houston, TX how to properly dress for your it. It is the best option that you follow it so that you can give your best on your wedding first dance.

For the bride:

First on the list is your hairdress. Salsa dance involves a lot of quick turns. You don’t want to hurt your partner with your hair every time you whip it. This would definitely distract your dance partner. Best to avoid it by making sure that your bridal hair is done well and tight. Having your hair loose will block your view and your may not be able to see the hand requests on your choreography. Well, you can have your hair loose unless you have learned how to whip your hair without hitting your partner and blocking your view like how professional Salsa dancers do it. Another thing you don’t want to happen is to hurt your guests with flying hair pins. Minimise your hair accessories if you can. Have your hair in a tight bun or consult with the hairdresser you hired.

Strapless or backless tops are a big no especially if you want to give it your all. A strapless top may look good on you but it gives you a lot of chances to have wardrobe malfunction or pulling it up from time to time and this would be very distracting to see. Open back tops are also not very convenient as your partner would for sure rather want to touch your dress fabric rather than your sweaty back during closed position steps.

Accessories are okay as long as it won’t be a distraction. You can wear earrings but make sure it is one that locks tight on your ears. As for you nails, it is best to keep it trimmed short because there will be a lot of dance moved where you hold hands with your partner. Long nails may scratch your partner.

Your skirt should not be too long or too short. Make sure that it is in a length that make you comfortable even if you make a lot of turns. For security, wear cycling shorts underneath to avoid exposing too much skin. As for your shoes, wear one with length of heels that you are confident you can carry while dancing but it is best to go for not too high-heeled dancing shoes.It should not also too tight or loose.

For the brides, these are probably what your dance instructors will tell you during your wedding Salsa dance classes in Houston, TX.

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