Best Colors to Mix and Match for Decorations in Indian Weddings in Houston, TX

Indian Wedding Colors

There are many colors being used for the most festive wedding in the world. Indian weddings are famous for using colorful decorations, dresses and jewelries; this elements are included in wedding planning. If you would like to have an Indian-themed wedding, you should the best colors to mix and match, starting from your wedding decorations.

DecorYou may find Indian wedding decor in Houston, TX through shopping but the colors may not accentuate with each other. Thus, you need to figure out first the main color you want and the other hues or tones to match with it.

Remember that the color schemes chosen by Indian brides are based on the ideas they would like to represent. While red is traditional, gold and other bright colors are popularly mixed with it. Red, in Indian Culture, signifies, celebration, joy, happiness. Just like Chinese, they believe it attracts good fortune or luck. You can go traditional with the decorations by choosing the red ones.

Another favorable color to mix with red is yellow. It is considered a symbol of prosperity. You can have a tablecloth or chair covers in red with yellow border. Prosperity is also the symbol of color green, aside from fertility. Such element for the wedding can be purchase in many wedding decoration vendors Houston.

Different tribes have different significations of the colors used in weddings. The color white, for example, is mourning and widowhood in some tribes, but used for wedding sarees in some tribes and regions because it symbolizes peace for them.

You can have decorations with colors pink, blue, gray, burgundy or brown because these colors do not really have any significance to the wedding.

Nevertheless, the best color to complement to red is gold. Nothing beats the symbol of matching red and gold in Indian weddings, good fortune and wealth. From the window drapes to the carpets and wedding menu cards, consider the gold and red.

Whether you are or not Indian couples but thinking of having authentic Indian wedding decor in Houston, TX, you might want to think of getting a suggestion from an Indian wedding planner.

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