Wedding Tips for the American Bride

One of the best ways to have a wedding is by planning ahead. The more a bride plans ahead, the more she can guarantee that everything will turn out perfectly during her wedding day.  You need to be practical when preparing for your wedding in advance. As the bride, you need to be aware that you cannot oversee all of the logistics to your wedding. Thus, you need to consider appointing a friend or hire a consultant to handle parts of the event for you.

To help you plan a successful and memorable wedding event, here are jolly’s wedding planning advice for an American bride that you can use.

Hire the services of a wedding planner that can provide you with a detailed checklist of all of the things that you need to organize, plan and prepare. This is necessary so that you can plan ahead. The checklist should include the following:

  • Do you want to hire photographer?
  • Will you rent luxury transportation or regular limousine for the guests to get to the wedding venue and reception?
  • Should you get dressed at the venue or at your home?
  • Will you rent rooms for out of town guests to stay?
  • Will there be a need for security?
  • Is there enough parking for the guests at the venue? Check www.thebelltoweron34th.com for this.

12 to 16 Months before the wedding, the wedding planning advice that you need to follow includes:

  • Set the wedding date
  • Decide on the theme of your wedding
  • Choose what kind of wedding ring you want
  • Choose a motif, color and style
  • Get in touch with a wedding consultant
  • Make some research about videographers, photographers, caterers, entertainment, dance teacher, reception facility and beverages

6 to 12 month before the wedding, here is some planning advice for the bride:

  • Choosing the members of the bridal party
  • Determine the number of invitees and choose the accommodations for out of town guests
  • Look for a wedding gown and veil
  • Schedule a photo session for the engagement
  • Visit vendors

3 to 6 months before the wedding, the bride should take note of the following:

  • Complete a bridal registry
  • Order wedding invitations and thank you notes
  • Select and order wedding cake
  • Plan rehearsal dinner

2 months before the wedding, here are some things that the bride needs to organize:

  • Arrange fitting of the gown, tuxedos and dresses
  • Order party favors and wedding favors
  • Create a song and music list for the reception
  • Arrange formal portraits

1 Month before the wedding, the following should be taken care of:

  • Confirm rehearsal date with the wedding site
  • Arrange for hair and makeup
  • Write and mail thank you notes for the shower gifts

1 day before the wedding, the bride should:

  • Have a professional massage
  • Relax and pamper self

These jolly’s wedding planning advice for an American bride will help the bride plan and organize the wedding carefully. Avoid any hassles and any problems to occur on your wedding day by following these guidelines and advice. Take note that you will only get married once in your life that is why you need to make sure that everything is being planned carefully.